Man Rescues 17 from Shipwreck

Man rescues 17 shipwreck survivors.

A collision occurred early in the morning just off the edge of Lake Michigan as the steamer loaded with about 500 passengers was approaching the port. A small vessel smashed into the port side of the steamer tearing open the side of the hull. The ship began to sink rapidly and the passengers loaded the lifeboats but there were only two lifeboats for all 500 passengers.

A group of men on shore saw the situation and sent a strong swimmer out with a lifeline to help rescue the passengers. The swimmer swam out to rescue 17 survivors of the wreck. Extremely exhausted but he kept going until his last swim he rescued two people, a man, and his wife.

Barely reaching the shore the last time he kept going thinking that if he could only get one more. But he had no more strength. The wind and cold waters had taken all that he had. He went home to recover and rest.

Several years later a reporter sought him out to get his story. During the interview, the reporter asked about the people that he rescued and what they said to him. The Swimmer paused for a couple of seconds, then said, you know not one of the 17 people that I rescued ever thanked me.